About Us


The main objective of the Milap Chand Patni Memorial Foundation (MPMF) is to spread knowledge of Jain religion through various modes like publication of religious and spiritual books, contribution to various religious programmes on television, Organising Virtual Swadhyay Programme, contribution to various religious and social functions, spreading awareness about Jain religion through various social platform like Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube etc.

The main founder to the MPMF, Dr. Dinesh Jain has also completed his research on the main principle of ‘Anekant and Ahinsa’. In his professional life also, he has attained the following qualifications – FCA, ACS, ACMA, LLB, IFRS, CFP, MBA, M.Com, MA, DHR.

The  objective of developing this website www.jaingranth.in is to protect, preserve, and disseminate the ancient and contemporary Jain literature and to ensure easy access to all Jain literature at one place so that anyone from any corner of the world can read or download or print the Jain literature and take religious and spiritual advantage of the same.

The website is freely accessible for all users and the users can freely download any material. Commercial use of the material provided here is not permitted. 

Apart from spreading Jain Knowledge, MPMF also contribute towards other religious activities like renovation of old Jain temples, Maintenance of Jain Dharamshalas and various social activities in the field of education, employment, medical etc.